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why amazon

Password management is a mess. Most people use the same passwords across many different sites, dramatically increasing their risk of identity theft if any one of those site's databases is hacked. We don't want to create one more account you need to remember your username/password for. (And most of all, we don't want to be responsible for having lost your data in the event we get hacked). Most people already have an Amazon account, and using 'Login with Amazon' here allows you to login to addabook without having to manage a new set of online credentials.

Addabook does not receive your Amazon password, just an arbitrary authentication token from Amazon. We do not request and do not receive any of your Amazon data. To be explicit about it, we do not request, and have no ability to receive, things like your purchase history, wishlists, home address, payment information, etc. Literally, the single piece of information we receive from Amazon is a gibberish authentication token. You can read more about this from Amazon here:

privacy policy

Addabook stores your username (as specified by you), as well as any book-related content that you enter into the platform. We do not know your name, email address, etc. While it may be possible to get other information on our users (e.g., location data, browser data, based on your IP address or advertising cookies) we make no effort to do so. We do not sell or share data with any other entities.

In plain english: Addabook aims to be a useful platform for retaining notes about books you've read. We hope to make money by selling books via Amazon and receiving a referral fee. There are no other shenanigans.